Energy recovery system – NO/AIR

The dryer in laudry is an indispensable machine, but the energy use problem sometimes penalize the installation of this machine. For the elettrical or steam version we studied two applications, that make the machine efficient and reduce the energy problem of 50%.



Energy saver is an increasingly important topic, both in economic terms and both for environment, we present the tested system “NO/AIR”.
The “NO/AIR” device is simply to use and it not require many maintenance.
With the application of “NO/AIR” system a LS 195 dryer (kg 17) has a consumption about 10-12 kW/h, a LS 300 dryer has a consumption about 8-10 kW/h and a LSMS 13 dryer have a consumption about 8-10 * 2 kW/h.

This energy saver is made by the reusage of hot air from the dryer’s output and the control system with sensors keep the concentration of moisture under the standard levels. The air recovery allow us to reduce the air quantity to expel of 80%, all of these vantages without penalize the production per hour of the dryer.

Download here the technical data sheet of  “NO/AIR” system.


For a simply application and with an invenstment more restricted we can apply a heat recovery battery that overheat the air input of the dryer:

this installation allow us a save of 35%, preserving all the standard charateristics of the air dryer output.