Integrated system CHRIOX X-TRACT


The innovation process of the CHRIOX X-TRACT allow us to wash at low temperatures, linen disinfect and water recover of 40%, without reduce liquor ratio and recover the energy of 20%,  respecting the environment inasmuch the dischargers are disinfected.

All of this ensuring the wash quality and absolute compliance with the most stringent hygiene and contamination in the laundry (RABC).



The CHRIOX X-TRACT it’s absolutely flexible and thanks to its principal charatteristics such excellent washing results, energy and water saving is indicated for rest home trattaments, clinical, hospital and cleaning companies. The system with special programming mainteins its vantages also in the teatment of MOP making the suitable for sterile environment, laboratories or other risch of cross contamination.


Massima versatilità

Il sistema CHRIOX X-TRACT si può avere con diverse tipologie di macchine, tutte ad alta centrifugazione ma con diverse capacità di carico, inoltre per i clienti che richiedono anche ambienti asettici si può avere il sistema CHRIOX X-TRACT anche con la versione delle lavatrici asettiche a cavallo di parete dove oltre ad avere la certezza della disinfezione della biancheria, si può avere la separazione tra ambiente sporco e pulito con percorso obbligato come richiesto dalla normativa europea (RABC).

The CHRIOX X-TRACT system you may have with different types of machines, all with washer extractors but with different load capacity, also for the customers that require sterile environment  you can have the CHRIOX X-TRACT system also with the version of the barrier washers on both sides of the wall where in addition to having the certainty of disinfection of linen, you can have the separation between dirty and clean environment with prescribed tracks as required by European legislation (RABC).


The CHRIOX X-TRACT system ensure an sanitizing, bleaching and neutralizing, the procssing has been validating with the  CNV 12.10 LAB. ACC. SINAL N. 0711 certification.

The guarantee of the result of  CHRIOX X-TRACT system happens if they are complied the wash and dosages procedures of indicated products. In fact the combination of chimical products and system machine allow us to achieve the prefixed absolutly  line disinfestation result.