The laundry everywhere

In the campsite is already well-known the laundry service, a comfort that the customer admires, and make him feel welcome.

The complete professional range of overlapping washing machines and dryers from 6 to 10 kg allows us to satisfy both little and big requests, the coin models, card payments, already existing in campisites make the customer feel comfortable.

The great versatility of our supply, fulfills the customer’s request, finally to avoid the problems concerning room, we have studied the Laundrypark formula,which permits to have a laundry in a container/store ,equipped with complete systems ready for use, after  having connectted water and energy.

This offer, perfect for campsite or ports that have no space dedicated for the laundry service, permits to have a laundry everywhere,with spectacular results both in image and in service.

This service has been already successfull in the marine, offering a comfortable and easy-acess service.