Cheese factory/Milk production

The solution for the cheese factory

Inside a cheese factory, for the linen’s washing,  is always required a certain type of washing machine which allows an optimal result of washing , and pruction’s yeld.

Our range of AR stainless steel machine is a good investment for the linen’s washing.
The big size of the 4 valves permits an optimal drain without remains, the perfect mechanical action guarantees a washing and re-rinse that make the linens ready for use when necessary, respecting the hygiene standard observed in a cheese factory.

Rag washing in cheese factory or  in livestock farming

The rag  washing during the pre-milking phase, is normally made manually by transfering big buckets full of water and rags.

Today you can wash your rags  directly in the washing machine which works with the humidity, heating and settings you require.

This made the rag safety, reducing the milk contamination, making the rag ready cycle after cycle.