The washing of linen , and the softness of your towel is the first thing your customer appreciates.

Nowadays you must offer to your customer  the  best competence.
The management of the internal laundry which guarantees the control of linen and towel  quality, is an ulterior expedience toward your guests.

Being able to provide you guest  clean, soft and fragrant towels for bedrooms, spa and swimming pool,  is a peculiarity which characterizes your job, and the stay you offer.

Internal laundry advantages:

  • Custom-tailor  towels always clean, fragrant  and ready
  • Quick return of investment
  • Less obstraction
  • Better washing quality
  • Dedicated programs in order to guarantee long-life linen




Examples of internal laundry configuration:

Hotel  30 beds:
Hotel 60 beds
Hotel 80 beds


We offer inspections fo free.
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