Cleaning company

To make job easy, comfortable and   advantageous

Nowadays the washing of mop or microfiber, is a requirement both pratic and economical.

With our complete range of machinery you are able to wash, drench and make the microfiber ready for use.

Our continue evolution of the product allows us to offer dedicated washer machines for the mop’s washing, with particular attention to the dampers in order to avoid problems of weight,  to the wide  drain valve , which permits an optimal drain, and to the position of heating elements.

With the possibility of drenching the microfiber, and make it ready for use with the umidity requested.

Another expedient dedicated to this sector is the recovery of drench-formula, with a special re-cycle which allows water recycling.

This expediente charactizes the program: “buongiorno” which keep the tub in emulsion without product’s separation both during washing and during long activities.

A further innovation is the CHRIOX system: it allows to have the  linen clean at microbiological level, moreover a water recovery of the 40%, and 20% of energy recovery.