Farmaceutical/Laboratory/Clean room

Internal laundry, where the control of the bacteria’s spread is essential

In certain environments like the pharmaceutical industry or laboratories, the washing and the hygiene of employee’s clothes are very important.

The clothes can be a vehicle of trasmission of microparticles that can influence the work and the results inside of the dedicated structures.


With the possibility of managing the washing inside your pharmaceutical industry, permits a costant flow of material, the prevention against the risks of contamination, and  high-standard hygiene.

With the trace-tech software you can control the washing cycles, printing the report, and checking the consumptions and the whole process.

Clean Room

It is the ideal solution for the washing in a dust-less environment.
Some expedient installed in our machines, for example making the machine hermetic, the wide use of stainless steel in all the parts in contact with water, make our machines suitable for any request.