Residents laundry

Residents or centralized laundry

This service has increasingly developed; it consists in having a centralized laundry which optimizes the cost of management and make easier and more comfortable the washing and the drying in this specific sector.

The innovative system of payment with card or dedicated badge, can be used with many other services.

The possibility of having professional machines that halve the washing time compared with a domestic machine thanks to the warm water supply, and technical expedients, allows a good management of time, a good result of the washing, and a optimization of costs.

The washing machines from 6 (LSC 65) to 10 kg (SP 105) with related dryers both elettrical (LDRM 125) and gas (LDRM 185), ensure the best yeld both in economic and in time factor, optimizing the consumption of energy, and the costs.

Washing and drying of the linen with no need of hanging the clothes out, reducing the waste of time, has become a reality thanks to the residents laundry system: