Self-service/Commercial laundry

The comfort of the service

The self-service laundry sector has strongly developed in the last years, definetely the service has been accepted from customer
because of the comfort, the price, and the autonomy in managing the washing and the drying.

The new store openings, the upgrade of the old ones,must consider
the purchase of reliable  washing machines and dryers,with an innovative design, and with characteristics that permit low consumption of water and energy.

The range of washing machine AF and dryers LS, certainly have the characteristics to satisfy the most demanding investor, inclined to buy a high-quality machine.

The energy safety for dryers complete the offer, without overlook accessories  like system of payment, the boiler, the water softener, that complete the systems.

Our staff make inspections for free to evaluate structures,than if the characteristics are suitable, they will deal with the economical aspect.

We have diversified our service, by widing the installation with container system, mobile stores that can be transferred or installed in strategic positions.

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